Dynamic Theatre


Dynamic Performers offer weekly classes for juniors, teens and adults

Theatre classes are designed to teach students new skills and techniques each term.

Term 1: Comedy

Comedy! It’s all in the…….timing!  Students work in small groups to develop skills in comedy performance, including how to time dialogue for maximum laughs. Students perform their pieces for parents and friends at the end of the term.

Term 2: Process Drama

Our theatre students will be taught the art of improvisation via Process Drama.  Students will actively work through situations and scenarios to teach them how to think on their feet and build and develop characters in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Term 3: Monologues

Students are taught to create characters and write monologues from their perspective. Emphasis is placed on the development of the character within their story.  Students will then rehearse and perform their original monologues at the end of the term. 

Term 4: Drama olympics

Using improvisation and performance techniques learned during the year, students will participate in Theatre Sports games in an Olympic Games format. Students will work as a member of a team to showcase their, often hilarious, performances.

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